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General conditions

  • The e-commerce platform is managed by Three Blind Men Ltd. Co.
    All products on our website fully comply with Vietnamese government regulations. We guarantee not to sell counterfeit or illegal products without custom claimed, and unknown origin goods.
  • All activities on the website are conducted publicly, transparently, and legitimately.
  • You must be over 18 years old as per government regulations in order to visit and buy spirits, wines or other alcoholic beverages on The Bottle Shop website. The Bottle Shop retains the right to require the recipient to verify their age by showing legal ID in case we suspect they are under 18 years of age.


  • The Bottle Shop offers 2 sales platforms: Order directly at The Bottle Shop stores, or via this website. 
  • The Bottle Shop retains the right to refuse the purchase agreement, notably in case of unpaid invoices or insolvency.
  • Customer’s exact full name, address, and phone number are strictly required.
  • The purchase agreement made outside business hours will be processed on the next working day.
  • In the case whereby customers require the goods urgently, they should contact the store hotline to order directly, or visit the nearest store.


  • The sales price is detailed on the purchase invoice, effective at the time the customer places the order, and includes VAT.
  • Delivery costs are charged for all orders except when the order qualifies for free shipping.


  • Payment must be completed in full prior to delivery.
  • COD payment only applies to direct sales at the counter.
  • The currency unit for payment is Vietnam Dong (VND).
  • Payment processed by foreign bank cards may incur exchange rate differences and extra fees according to the bank’s regulations. Exchange rates are applied at the time of payment by customers.


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