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Mekong Brewing CANnon

Việt Nam [HCMC]
Can 3x330ml
Mekong Brewing Co.



3x330ml CANnon

Mekong Brewing Company was founded by Robert Stevenson when he decided to begin homebrewing after moving to Saigon, Vietnam.  He perfected the recipe to allow complex flavours and aromas to come together, creating Blue Elephant IPA, the first of several phenomenal beers from this small craft brewery. The Mekong Brewery CANnon gives you the opportunity to enjoy their very best brews packaged in a gift pack – Bengal Ambush Blonde Ale, sour passionfruit balanced with spicy notes of fresh ginger, Blue Elephant IPA, a medium-balanced American-style IPA, and Bumble Basil Saison, arguably the #1 Farmhouse-style beer on offer in Vietnam.

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