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Overmorrow Long Phụng Funk

Beer Style / Saison /

Việt Nam [Hà Nội]
Bottle 330ml
Overmorrow Brewing Co.



Herbal, Citrus, Harmonious 6.8%

Overmorrow Long Phụng Funk Farmhouse Ale is back by popular demand, and the 2023 Long Phụng Funk is just as good as the original.  Once more they went deep into the mountains for this one, pairing mắc mật, the savoury berry used to spice up mountain cuisine, with an army of brettanomyces “wild” yeast (11 different strains!), and a final dry hopping to tie everything together. This one has been aging for almost two years, and it’s finally time to set it free.

This year’s edition can be enjoyed fresh for a backbone of rustic rye, full-bodied mountain citrus notes, and savoury spice to finish. Or, just like with the original edition, let it sit in the cellar and the yeast will continue to develop new flavours and funky character for years to come. This is a wild beer… catch it while it lasts.

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