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Overmorrow Quan Tâm Leap DIPA

Beer Style / IPA /

Việt Nam [Hà Nội]
Bottle 330ml
Overmorrow Brewing Co.



Bold, Smooth, Impressive 9.2%

Overmorrow Quan Tâm Leap DIPA is a super limited “Thank You” edition Double IPA. Originally brewed for Overmorrow’s first Tết holiday, this Limited “Thank You” Edition Double IPA is now back by popular demand every year to celebrate Tết.

Quan Tâm Leap DIPA is a dangerously drinkable Double IPA with malt taking a backseat to the hops. Smooth bitterness, and just the slightest warming alcohol on the finish.

Each year, this release is a special thanks to everyone who has supported Overmorrow from the beginning, and their way of showing off something they think is pretty fun. With a combination of the ever-popular Mosaic hops and the the orangey caress of Mandarina Bavaria hops to add a tapestry of punchy fruit flavours, this beer pulls out all the stops.

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