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Saigon Charlie’s Sài Gòn Sweet & Spicy

Việt Nam [HCMC]
Bottle 150ml




Raw natural sugar cane juice and 100% cayenne peppers.

The south of the country came in greater contact with the trading ships from all over Asia and was heavily influenced by the Khmer people, the Thai, the islanders from the southern seas near the equator, then the French made an impact. They were followed by the Americans and then the Vietnamese made their mark again. And so, the food was influenced by the spice trade and also developed a much sweeter flavour: the natural juice from sugar cane can still be found on every block and sells for half the price of a can of coke.

This sauce is a nice introduction to the world of Vietnamese authentic chili sauce – It’s floral notes and tangy vinegar work well with sandwiches, scrambled eggs, BBQ pork shoulder and as a dipping sauce for camembert cheese platters.

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